Colin Kaepernick's "Furious" HGH Denial Doesn't Add Up

It's not a complete denial.

(ESPN) -- NFL star Colin Kaepernick gave a confusing response today when pressed to explain allegations that a clinic sent NFL-banned performance-enhancing drugs to his house, first calling the reports "complete trash" and then stating the only substance he ever took after his 2015 surgery was a supplement called Trembolex Ultra. The problem with his response? It's not a complete denial.

What Should You Know About the Colin Kaepernick Supplements?

While denying using HGH, Kaepernick is admitting to using a combo of supplements that the NFL is considering adding to the list of prohibited substances starting next year.

There is no doubt that Colin Kaepernick will go down as a fan favorite in San Francisco, but many critics believe the quarterback's use of Trembolex Ultra and Vigor Enhance will jeopardize his legacy. Medical experts we spoke with explained that the NFL is pushing to ban the supplements for two simple reasons.

1. The combo has been clinically proven to boost muscle growth rate by an average of a 150%. This would allow an aging athlete like Colin Kaepernick keep in peak condition and add muscle easily to stay stronger than NFL players currently in their prime.

2. These supplements do not have to be used in conjunction with a gym for users to gain muscle mass easily and quickly. This means that whether players train or not, they will put on strength. through as little as basic daily activities and without changing their diets. Sources say the NFL believes the use of these powerful supplements will cause players to be strong, leading to more career-ending injuries and concussions from hard hits.

Ever since Colin Kaepernick's response went viral across social media, ESPN has received thousands of emails from readers asking about Trembolex Ultra and Vigor Enhance and whether the supplements are as incredible as the hype suggests. In order to answer our readers' questions and discover how much the new combo has benefited Kaepernick and other NFL stars, we decided to test it ourselves in an exclusive ESPN case study. (See below to read our surprising findings).

Kaepernick's supplement combo is far from the first muscle-building system we've put to the test. Over the years, ESPN has evaluated numerous celebrity workout programs and diets to see how well they really worked. In most cases, the results have been downright disappointing or the products required dramatic changes in a person's lifestyle and diet for them to see any real results. Could this solution be different? Before we got to the testing phase, our research found clinical trials that proved the following:

Trembolex Ultra has been clinically proven to:

  1. Boost testosterone production by over 65%
  2. Raise Energy Levels and Endurance by 52%
  3. Reduce Muscle repair time by over 40%

Vigor Enhance has been clinically proven to:

  1. Increase the speed of Metabolism by 70%
  2. Tone Muscle Appearance without jeopardizing Muscle Mass!
  3. Suppress the Appetite, while providing nutrion to muscles.
  4. Provide a Thermogenic like effect that burns body fat


For our Official ESPN Case Study, our editor Bill volunteered to be our test subject. We arranged for him to receive free sample bottles of both Trembolex Ultra and Vigor Enhance direct from the supplier, and they arrived within a few days. (see bottom for links to test them yourself!) Once Bill got the supplements, he added them into his daily routine for a month without changing his diet or going to the gym more. He recorded his results and a testimonial about his experience — which you can read below.

Bill's Results - He lost 14 pounds of body fat and gained 16 back in pure muscle in just one month using the Trembolex Ultra Method.

  1. Take two Trembolex Ultra pills in the morning
  2. Take two Vigor Enhance in the evening


One week after starting I was surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was up, and I wasn't even hungry. The instructions explained that a welcomed side effect of the supplement combo is its power to curb the appetite.

Best of all, I didn’t even change anything about my daily routine. On Day 7, I got on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost 2 pounds. But I still wasn’t convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks.


After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I was down from a 40 to a 36 pants size after losing another 6 pounds. And I still had a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, I've found you tend to run out of steam. But with this one my energy levels don’t dip, instead they remain steady throughout the day.


After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 14 pounds since starting the supplement combo diet! And I didn't mind that everyone at ESPN is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using the supplements in week 4, I lost an additional 2 pounds.

ESPN's Verdict: While it's not certain how much Colin Kaepernick will be affected if the NFL bans Trembolex Ultra and Vigor Enhance, we can see from our research and our official case study with Bill that they do produce real results. After conducting our own study, we're pleased to see that people are finding real success with the new combo — the question is how many NFL stars' careers will be affected if these supplements are banned. We've arranged for a special free trial distribution exclusively for our readers, so you can get samples of both Trembolex Ultra and Vigor Enhance without paying and test their benefits for yourself. Follow the links below to claim your free samples, and don't wait to do it — once the supply they reserved for us runs out, you'll have to pay full price.

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